Renewable Energy Sources & EV Charge Point Installation

At Higgins we are invested in zero emissions and we have a forward-thinking team of renewable heating professionals installing systems for domestic and business use. We design, install and maintain multi-product solutions ranging from water, air and ground source heat pumps to a variety of solar technology solutions.

Renewable Energy Sources

We are experts in renewable energy and heating for home & business and we have multi-product solutions that allow us to design and implement efficient, sustainable systems for your heating and power.

Creating a bespoke design is essential to the effectiveness of your energy system. At Higgins, we design renewable energy systems tailored to your use of the building as well as the property's physical construction.

Heat Pumps

Extracting heat from the environment and using it to warm your building is a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. 

Government Grants are available for domestic customers to help with installation costs.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

If you have suitable external space, then extracting heat from the ground to warm your building or home is an excellent and sustainable choice.

Heat transferred from the ground can be used in radiators, under-floor or warm-air heating systems.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Taking heat from the outside air can reduce the heating bills for your building or home. Heat pumps may be fitted to the exterior wall or on ground level. Even when the outside temperature is cold, the unit extracts heat from the external air and uses it to heat your building.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be mounted on either the roof of your building or on the open ground outside. Solar panels are very efficient and low maintenance and can either generate electricity or provide hot water.

Solar PV Panels

Designed to reduce your electrical bills, many homes and businesses have installed PV (photovoltaic) panels on or near their building. Using sunlight to generate electricity, they are straightforward to install and, having no moving parts, are very reliable.

Solar Thermal Panels

Designed to provide low-cost hot water, solar thermal panels work even in cloudy weather and require very little maintenance. Solar thermal panels are best utilised in combination with boilers or heat pumps ensuring hot water in the winter months.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Higgins have an experienced team of engineers ready to support your business on the journey to ‘road zero’.

All our customers benefit from friendly, unbiased advice and a bespoke solution to their EV charging needs. We are not affiliated to any single manufacturer and this gives us the freedom to provide the best solution.

Our designers and installers are fully qualified and experienced in all types of business and domestic EV solutions.

The EV team is led by a project manager with a wide range of charge point installation experience, including destinations, workspaces, car parks, fleet management and new residential developments.

All our work follows the IET Code of Practice for electric vehicle charging, covering the entire process from survey to completion.

To learn more, please visit our website dedicated EV Charge Point Installation.

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