Laboratory plumbing

To function well, the design of a modern laboratory requires a variety of intricate piping systems for both gases and liquids; each must work effectively and meet the relevant safety standards.

At Higgins, we have a long history in installing laboratory plumbing, either working as a specialist subcontractor or designing and installing a whole lab.

Expert understanding of this sector is something in which we excel.

Our installations form part of the top-level science and research labs, schools and universities across the UK.

Laboratory installations include:

  • Wet lab design and installation
  • ABS pipework
  • Deionised water systems
  • Specialist and high-pressure gas installation
  • Fume cabinets
  • Vulcathene Waste Systems
  • Laboratory fit-out or refurbishment
  • Lab heating and ventilation
  • Clean Rooms

Attention to detail

A small detail installed incorrectly can have a significant impact on a labs function and safety.

At Higgins, we put our experience and attention to detail to excellent use, providing a laboratory installation and plumbing service that can be relied upon to deliver outstanding results.