Managing your laboratory installation

Managing your laboratory costs can be an overwhelming task. It can be challenging to know where to start as you have a variety of facets to consider. You need to know how you’re going to source your finance, manage equipment, hire the right staff, and handle the installation of the multiple systems neccesary to conduct your research. By taking the right steps, you can effortlessly help manage your new laboratory while minimising the installation costs.


The most critical step when handling laboratory expenses is project management. Effective management is fundamental to minimising costs. It also avoids the need to separately outsource every component of your installation, such as gas, benching, or furniture. External help is advisable as trying to micromanage every aspect yourself can prolong the process and cost more money in the long run.

Building a laboratory should be done with caution, especially if you have a smaller budget. The typical laboratory worker will spend less than 50% of their time in the laboratory workspace itself, so when planning, the design should take into consideration what you will require from your laboratory long-term.

There are many elements that you need to think about when setting up or relocating your laboratory:

  • Identifying an appropriate location, building, and space.
  • Determining which equipment, specialist gases, and storage requirements you need.
  • Your long-term requirements.
  • Defining your budget.
  • Staff facilities. Are you creating a comfortable work environment?

Research shows that the costs for construction have increased by 3.5% since 2010, with laboratory costs increasing alongside this by 5% since the start of 2011. Now more than ever, budgeting accordingly is essential.

System design

Installations are typically custom designed to meet your purposes and requirements, and must always comply with the latest regulations.

Planning the layout can help to lower your bills, utilise space effectively, and ensure that your laboratory is a safe environment. Make sure to use the services of a licensed and accredited company. This way you can be sure that their work is compliant with any pertinent regulations.


Be cautious when it comes to installation; safety should take top priority. Invest in quality, long-lasting products so that you do not face unexpected maintenance costs. It’s also a good idea to remember that it is a requirement for certain systems, your gas system for example, to have an annual service, so be sure to factor these into your budget.

If you need some inspiration, we highly recommend the Lab Innovations show. The show is the UK’s only event dedicated to the laboratory industry. You will have the chance to meet leading suppliers and the opportunity to have access to 100s of new products. The laboratory industry is continuing to see growth at 4.5% per annum. Many investors find that the UK has plenty to offer in the science and technology sector, especially when it comes to innovation. Lab Innovations brings these pioneers together under one roof for you.

Project Management

Project management does not have to be complicated. To keep installation timely, cost-effective, and as simple as possible, we at Higgins can advise on all aspects of the design and layout. We can ensure that you maximise space, creating a desriable work environment, and install any furniture, benching, plumbing, and distribution systems that you require.

Higgins can assist with the planning, installation, and management of your laboratory. Get in touch today on 01625 613 308 to speak to our experts and find out how we can help you.