High pressure gas systems

As longstanding members of the British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA) we have been carrying out specialist gas installations for over 40 years.

We design, install, and maintain all laboratory bottled gas and bulk storage systems from copper to stainless steel, braised to orbitally welded.


Our fully trained operatives install laboratory gas systems that comply with BCGA guidelines. We employ the most up to date techniques to ensure the internal cleanliness of all our installations.

All systems are tested and certified on completion with a comprehensive written 'scheme of examination' report.

Specialist Gas Services


Gas system design

Each installation is custom designed, ensuring the system meets the current intended purpose and future requirements. Following an initial meeting, we will propose a design, applying the latest codes of practice and our extensive experience in designing and installing specialist gas systems.

A well-designed system will result in:

  • Fewer fittings for a reduced cost
  • Correctly sized tubing to achieve maximum purity, saving gas and time
  • Design that complies with the Codes of Practice of the British Compressed Gas Association

Piped gas not only offers a much-needed solution to traditional cylinders but can offer substantial savings as well.

  • Dramatically reduce your gas costs
  • Improved health, safety and hygiene
  • Space-saving
  • Gas scavenging systems
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Our experienced team will meticulously install your carefully planned and designed project. If other contractors are onsite, our team will work seamlessly alongside them.

All our tubing is chemically clean to ensure that no contamination is introduced into your instrumentation. In addition, high-quality compression fittings are used to ensure the purity of the pipework is not compromised by brazing flux.

 We take every effort to hide tubing from sight whenever possible and trunk it when there is no other alternative. We terminate our lines with fittings to suit the instruments you intend to use so you can resume work immediately.

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High-pressure system testing & service

We leak test and certify our installations and provide permanent documented records to aid future inspections.

By law, gas systems require professional inspection and annual testing. Where the system remains unchanged from the previous test, the test can be at working cylinder pressure. However, if the system has been repaired or modified, the test must be at 150% working pressure. We have the equipment and facilities for testing at these high pressures in situ.

We work with our clients to develop an appropriate service level agreement suitable for their specific equipment and needs. The service level agreement considers such factors as age and type of equipment, operational importance and budget.

This approach ensures that our client only pays for the level of service needed to meet their requirements. In addition, we offer two or three-year plans, which can provide further savings.

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We have over 55 years of experience and have designed and installed an extensive range of different gas systems. We provide well designed, fully functioning and tested installations at a competitive price.

Our experienced installation engineers have an excellent understanding of laboratory instruments as well as gas systems.

Our engineers each have an average of 19 years of experience. At Higgins, we pride ourselves on hiring only the best engineers and providing ongoing training and skills development. This approach maintains our excellent first-time fix rate and therefore reduces customer downtime.

It is not only the experience of our engineers that is second to none; our service support team are professionals who use Service Management Software to ensure a seamless level of service every time.

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What our customers say

  • "Higgins Plumbing have looked after us for approximately 2 years now, so when it came to the build of our new Equine Clinic there was no doubt they would be my first port of call. The overall service received from the entire team has been excellent from start to finish.
    Extremely efficient and reliable, great communication with a professional approach throughout.
    Many thanks for a great job."

    Wright & Morten Veterinary Group