When was the last time you had a gas system inspection?

The efficiency and safety of your gas systems are paramount to your daily operations. To be operating legally, your gas system needs to be in a safe condition, well maintained and inspected regularly. If you are responsible for these systems, it is important to understand industry obligations, how to comply with them, and the benefits of regular gas system inspections.

The costs of failure

For example, take a gas system in a school’s science department. Maybe one day there is a leak. For safety, the school may have to shut down until they fix the problem, which causes a large number of other issues for managers and teachers. The same scenario can happen in a hospital, a chemical factory, or any other building with a gas system installed.

There are many benefits to managers looking ahead and hiring a professional to inspect their gas systems. Specifically, being proactive can save potential costs and prevent dangerous situations in the future. It also ensures they are complying with the law.

UK legal requirements

The UK has designed many laws to keep building users safe. With regards to gas systems, complying with these laws is essential:

It states that an employer or self-employed person has a responsibility to provide and maintain systems of work to be practical, safe, and without risk to health.  

The user of an installed gas system and the owner of a mobile gas system must ensure that the system is properly maintained in good repair to prevent danger.

Gas system inspection

Regular inspections are more than just safety checks. They also help save costs by improving efficiencies and preventing potential problems in the future. A professional inspection will include:

  • Rigorous checks to find any internal malfunctions of equipment or opportunities for gases to mix
  • The safe removal of harmful gases
  • Full leak testing
  • The safety of all devices in a system
  • Ensuring gas appliances are on the right settings and operating efficiently
  • Issuing an annual gas safety certificate

As a manager or person of responsibility, hiring a professional to maintain, test, and inspect your gas system regularly is essential. It’s not just about keeping your operations running smoothly; it’s about keeping people safe.

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