Gas detection systems

Anywhere that toxic, hazardous or flammable gases are employed, gas detection systems should play an essential part in maintaining safety in the workplace.
Gases are employed in a wide range of industries, Laboratory, Medical & Veterinary, Fabrication Plants, Process lines for the Food & Beverage Industry, to name but a few. Employers must ensure a safe working environment, free from toxic or asphyxiating gases. Our range of effective gas detectors act as monitoring systems to detect gas build-up and air quality.

We work closely with industry-leading gas detection manufacturer IGD Ltd who have been manufacturing gas detectors for over 90 years.
Made in the UK, IGD products are constructed to the highest standards, which is why we integrate them into our gas detection and monitoring installations.

We work closely with the leading manufacturer

Based in Stockport, International Gas Detectors Ltd produces one of the leading ranges of gas detection and monitoring equipment. Working with IGD Ltd, we provide a complete service, consultancy, system design and installation of gas detection for your premises. 

Plant protection

Effective gas monitoring ensures the early detection of explosive and flammable gases. While not always toxic, these gases can have the additional hazard of causing asphyxiation risks to staff. We understand the importance of placing gas detectors in specific places where our modelling predicts the possible accumulation of escaped gas.

Process monitoring

Working with IGD and the plant designers, we decide the most effective placement for the gas detectors based on the type of process, gases used, building temperature, and air movement. Using these factors in the design allows us to produce a very effective gas monitoring system.

Personnel safety 

Where toxic and asphyxiant gas presents a potential danger to personnel, it is essential that the gas detectors directly and consistently monitor the working area used by staff. Often two sets of sensors are used, one monitoring the air for density of unwanted gases, the second controlling a ventilation system to clear any hazardous gases from the work area.

System maintenance and service

It is essential that gas detection systems are maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendation and legislation; a technician must calibrate and inspect the system every 6-12 months.

We provide our customers with a documented and traceable maintenance programme for the IGD sensors we install and maintain older monitors from other companies. In addition, to give peace of mind, we offer individually tailored aftercare contracts.


BS EN 60079-29-2:2015
BS EN 60079-17-2014
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)